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Monday, December 2, 2013

How Do You Do It?

The trickiest part to any relationship is balance. Sometimes I truly believe that, people collectively are addicted to pain. I say this because men and women have been to trying to make relationships work since the dawn of time. Both of us being such complex creatures it seems odd to me that we have tried to make monogamous relationships work for all of these years. Its funny that we both process such different mindsets, yet we still seek each other out. We are seeking one mate, one person who "get's us'.
      This is were the balance comes in. Men get angry, nervous or scared and desire space and time to process, women on the other hand feel these same emotions and want to be reassured and paid special attention to. With that being said, (and it is general for the most part) how are we supposed to find the perfect balance when we want different things? This is were trust and patience come in. Nothing makes we want to beat my head against a wall like someone telling me to be patient. But in my best and worst experiences in a relationship, the key to balance is sacrifice.
    Sacrifice. Ugh the word even sounds harsh. But its how to make everyone happy. I have been in a handful of relationships and they have all ended due to this little word and the actions it brings about. Without sacrifice there can be no balance and with no balance can there come a happy coinciding life with a partner. If each person does not feel fulfilled, there is no chance.
    So when people ask me how I meet all these people or why dating is so fun, I will simply have to tell them, because its not all the time. If he wants to go fishing, go fishing. And if you hate it, fake it. Its called compromise. Finding balance ,is a lot harder then creating balance. If you are looking for a partner who just possess all of the amazing qualities you are looking for you will be disappointed. People are constantly changing. Which is why divorce rates are at 50% and the laser tattoo removal business is booming.
      To me it all ties together like this....patience for one another. Patience for me is a sacrifice, a sacrifice of not being immediately gratified. Making a sacrifice to make the one I am with feel fulfilled and understood creates the balance for a healthy relationship. Therefore leading to good sex and then everyone is happy. But really.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time Liar.

      We have all lied in our lives. For good or bad reasons. I get it. I used to lie all the time. Even for fun. I can't tell you how many times I have been Irish or Scottish or a transfer student from the U.K. all just because I felt like it. I have also been a huge time liar. I have told people I am in the car on the freeway, when I still have curlers in and a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. 10 verbal minutes would equate out to 30 real minutes. I have denied sleeping with people, pretty sure I was a virgin at least twice. However it took me a while to catch on to why people shouldn't lie. And it's actually quite always get caught. Always.
     The part that I always had trouble catching on to is why it was such a big deal to be caught. I didn't figure this out until years after I got caught in a huge lie that I had going for years. I had long since forgot about it, but the people I had lied to had indeed not. It was then when I was confronted and made to explain the truth that I fully grasped what the big deal was. I had wasted these individuals time and effort, based on the stories that I had given them. When you tell someone something and it could be anything from " I'll be there in 10 minutes, " to "of course I never slept with that person.", people act accordingly to the information they have been given. So if you say 10 minute they take it as 10 minutes.
  A friend a long time ago said, "Alisha, we make decisions based on the information we are given at the time." As I think back on that, I apply it to this topic at hand. This statement is exactly why one should not lie. Because not only are you doing yourself a disservice, you are also impacting those around who are going to be moving forward and making choices based on the lie that you told them. And that is how you are found out, when people make actions out of false words, the outcome is never a good one. And when things breakdown, people go to the source. And no matter how long it takes, people will find the truth. Time wasted, and bitter the outcome is never worth the brief relief a lie can bring you.
   Full circle with this point is after my encounter with being confronted by two people I had hurt by lying and the handful of hott guys I could never call back because they had given the cute "British girl" their number, I decided I would no longer be liar. I have nothing to hide, and nothing to apologize for. And if I have nothing else, at least I have my word.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Safety Net.

We have all one. The one you hangout with after yet another failed attempt to make a fresh start. The one that no matter what will answer your desperate call at 3 o'clock in the morning. The one who is single handedly capable of making you question whether or not you are happy with your current partner. They help you move. The one you know after they leave your house after a bad fight, it will not be the last time you see them. The sex is always good for the first week and then you are reminded of why you hate them. The one your current girl/boyfriend asks you to please stop talking to and you say you do and then don't. What the fuck is this?

Nothing in life has confused me more then this elusive figure that dwells in almost every relationship. The one that is always trying to keep the door cracked for the possibility of something more when both of you know its not there. I'll be honest. I'm not even that jaded. I have been a lucky woman in my past relationships. Even my worst ex, still gave me something to be grateful for. I have in my life been accused of dropping the match a time or two. But it is necessary. If I have a relationship with someone I care about why would I want to inject my past one into that. I have enough friends. Is my ex's opinion really something I care about that much? Not to me. I have run into people with this problem of the "Ex". Why? Why does this exist. Maybe out of true love? Hmm. Maybe. Who knows. But my policy will always be this. If he or she has some sort of box or shrine to the ex-partner. Run. Don't even give it an explanation, just kindly grab your things and leave.

And if you are the one with the safety net (if you will), why are you wasting this other persons time?
That is the most confusing part to me, I suppose. If you can't let the person you have always been hung up with go, why try to drag someone else down with you. Because chances are you current partner doesn't see how great this other person is. So be kind and let it go. And if not keep your sad masochist behaviors to yourself. 

  It's taken me the majority of my life to realize the view from the moral high ground is the most beautiful and fulfilling one that you can have experienced in your life. With that being said, the hike to this destination is not an easy one. Nothing comes without a price. Making choices that coincide with you having to make sacrifices to make others that are or were important to you feel valued and honored is so gratifying, that it wont make you regret not sleeping with your ex-partners best friend, just to feel better about the break up. Being able to look back and say, I did the best I could to make you feel like everything we shared was special to me, is a great feeling.

And all of my best relationships have come from new settings. I don't know if I have ever met one person who has said to me, " Jeez this 4th time around has really been just a whirlwind of amazing new experiences and qualities. I'm just learning so much about myself and nothing is predictable in the slightest".

As I look forward to new horizons in my coming life, I hope I continue to go without a safety net. I hope I continue giving my future partners the chance they deserve without running interference with someone from my past. I think other people would do kindly to do the same. But that's just me.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just Remember.

Just remember, that you won't always feel this way. It's a strange place to be when you are fueled by anger or pain. Almost as if you don't want it to stop. The hurt gives you a reason to drive forward, we all long for a reason to fight. Every war is won or lost. Due to victory or surrender. The best defense is a decision. Any decision. To surcome or to fight to the death. Either way you compromise some part of yourself. So choose wisely, there is only one of you. The feeling to fight for something you love, doesn't last forever. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's not that I'm a jealous man...

Jealously and envy are meant for those who are weak minded. 
It's for those who feel the need to live in fear of loosing everything.
Even the things they don't posses. Those who are jealous and envious of other have no room in their heads 
for great achievement because it's already filled with the possibility of failure.
Just the idea of loosing something is to great a risk to even try. You sabatouge yourselves. 
in return you envy of anyone else's happiness, always. You're brave enough to at least try and break them down, if you can't have goodness neither should anyone else, right? 
Grow up. Try seeing things in a different light. Find the courage to do the right things not only for yourself, but for another benefit as well. Grow some security, find something about yourself love and you'll find someone to love it too. 
Jealousy is a feeling the wastes precious time. It's a feeling for the weak, and envy is a feeling for the lazy. Be done with these, find the stronger version of yourself and be that. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adult Time Out.

At what point is it not okay to hit someone? We grow up and throughout grade school we are all reprimanded constantly for hitting, kicking, pinching other kids. However mostly it is excepted behavior. Physical reaction as a child is really the only thing that lets other kids or people even know, that I either don't like what you are doing physically or emotionally to me.
So when you were a kid and someone told you, you were a butthead, you punched them in the face and they knew at that moment that you indeed did not like being called a butthead.
Now as large kids with bills and significant others, you can't just go around punching people in the face every time you get called an asshole.
My question is I guess...why the fuck not?

I suppose it could be due to all the big kid trouble you could get into or the fact that majority of us can't show up to work with a black eye. Sure, I get that. Maybe it is just my confrontational nature or my unaddressed anger problem...who knows. But I truly think if you were aloud to kick someone in the face, every time they were a huge bitch, people would truly reconsider about 95 percent of the words they say and about 98 percent of the dick moves they were about to make.

Just a thought.