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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

That Afternoon

It was a warm April afternoon. Downtown on the river was a wine walk. I was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a brown plaid vest. It was ridiculously hot outside for this outfit choice, but I love the way it looked. I was with some friends and my new roommate. With the roommate, was his flamboyantly gay friend Austin. A "Queen Bee" unquestioned, he told me I looked stunning. I told him that I agreed. Walking the wine walk we stop and get our picture taken by the local newspaper, sadly I am underage, but find this humorous.
I ran into my personal trainer with a good girlfriend of mine and I reassure him that it is only grape juice we have been drinking. Shortly after that your friend called me, asking what I was up to, prior to this your friend and I had gone on a casual date and were still feeling out the waters so to speak. I was not interested in going further, but he was nice enough to invite out and see what the friends thought of him.
About an hour later he arrived, with you. You were wearing jeans and a navy blue T shirt and blacks vans. Honestly I did not think much of it when you first got there. We were introduced and we bought a round. We sat at the bar with the group we were with and watched one of my friends dance around intoxicated stealing hats off on peoples heads. You had a wonderful sense of humor. I began to take small interest. Your friend was there and charming and witty as usual. But there was something about you. We talked about your past and common topics but I really enjoyed the small exchange.
Then we decided to go back to your house with your friend. I said goodbye to my friends and we walked to your car. We stopped and got tacos and started dancing in the parking lot. Once we got to the car you drove, your friend got in the drivers passenger's seat and I took the backseat. We were all quite for the ride home, but I would catch your eyes in the review mirror. You have light eyes for such dark hair. I knew exactly what you were saying. Don't worry. I understood. You're a good man. I must have known this.
Your house was typical. Not in a bad way though. The dogs came out, so sweet. Especially the black one. We chatted with everyone but I couldn't help but forget there were other people involved in the conversation. I can't remember how long we stayed, but I left after what felt like only seconds and a lifetime all at the same time. I drove with your friend to go home. And we left it at "nice to meet you."
That afternoon is burned into my cerebellum. The way the conversation flowed and the common history. Your friend brought me to meet someone like you, and on that note alone he will forever be a good acquaintance. You were a wonderful side street I had never seen,in a city I grew up in. It was refreshing getting lost for a minute. For that I thank you, thank you for the wonderful afternoon.

I saw you recently and you have a adorable girlfriend now, whose dimples and warm smile could brighten any ones day. I hope you two are wonderful. And have many days as good as the small encounter we shared.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Always Remember...

To much ego will kill your talent.

A Small Moment

July 22, 1999.
My father turned thirty years old. He was coming back from a business trip and my mother had planned a surprise party for him. My mother was twenty six and stunning. Like most women of the nineties she found herself a fan of the Jimmy Buffet/Tommy Bahama islander look. She had long blond hair and tan skin. She worn a thin white tunic with some blue jeans. She has never been the type to wear a lot of make up so her skin was lightened with a little powder and plumb colored blush. Light blue eyes brighten her face and she scurries around the house making sure everyone is in their place.
The car pulls up. We hear my Grandpa and Dad coming around the back. You hear my Grandpa bitching about the garage door being jammed and they have to go through the backyard door. They come around the corner and we all shout the classic "SURPRISE".
My father the strongest, bravest, gladiator of a man I know is moved to tears as his family and friends congratulate him on the accomplishment. Knowing more about my father's history it is a accomplishment he made it all the way to thirty. His eyes scan the yard for my mother who waits until he has said the "hi, how are yous" and "thanks for coming out's". Then he hugs her and looks at her lovingly knowing that she gets stressed when putting these things together. I am sitting on my aunt's lap and get up quickly to say hi. My hair naturally a golden blond and unlike my mothers my eye's are dark and stubborn. I greet my father with Happy Birthday. He picks me up and kisses me and looks around for my younger sisters. We all sit outside for the rest of the evening until it get's dark and people start to fade away.
I remember being a little girl afraid for evenings like these to end. Afraid that moments like those would never happen again. I'm still afraid of that as a adult woman. The only difference now is I am no longer naturally blond.