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I'm not here to inspire doubt, only to provoke thought.

The Hate Notebook

3.14.10- I hate Tappy Guy.

5.10.10- I hate Boomcity.

5.15.10- I hate moral integrity that gets in the way of me making ever poor decisions on impulse.

6.12.10- I hate the little heart notification of someones relationship update on Facebook, perpetually telling me to go fuck myself.

6.27.10 I hate the English.

7.01.10 I hate Muffin Top. 

9.04.10 I hate awkward living situations.

9.16.10 I hate that he chose you to be best man.

10.02.10 I hate when I have a selfless resolution.

10.03.10 I hate it when someone too good looking is interested in you. 

10.05.10 I hate being single when its raining outside.

10.11.10 I hate that I am convinced I found my soul mate. And he is dating a lesbian.

10.13.10 I hate sleeping my life away.

10.17.10 I hate strip clubs. Only because when I visit these establishments, one assumes I am a stripper.

04.25.11 I hate the feeling you get before you have to go workout. I hate working out.

06.27.11 I hate that I create fake relationships, because the breaks up always end up real.

06.27.11 I hate seeing another couples first I Love You.

07.16.11 I hate the new maturity photo craze that everyone posts on Facebook.

08.13.11 I hate that it is possible in our world these days to sell out tickets to a desert.

08.13.11 I hate my job. 

08.13.11 I hate any asshole would is trying to sell their burning man ticket for a thousand dollars.

12.24.11 I hate forced family social events.

12.25.11 I hate that I love the holiday decor.

01.01.12 I hate that for the next 3 months it will be impossible getting a decent parking spot at the gym.

01.01.12 I hate the overwhelming new years resolutions that will be pouring over the internet for validation.

01.08.12 I hate the obligation to love family members, that you wouldn't ever associate with other then the fact they are family members.

01.16.12 I hate the police.

01.29.12 I hate people who abuse animals.

1.30.12 I hate the IRS.

01.31.12 I hate acknowledging another female blogger as being a decent writer.

01.31.12 I hate it when I am small minded.

06.12.12 I hate working. Period.

06.25.12 I hate thinking about getting old.

07.10.12 I hate kids aging 4- 20.

09.09.12 I hate all ages events. And teenagers.

09.10.12 I hate pretty much every woman my boyfriend has had sex with.

09.14.12 I hate pretty much anyone I have ever had sex with.

09.14.12 I hate that I have to have my dog cuddle me on the bed. Forever.

09.14.12 I hate that hitting no longer solves the problems that I have.

09.27.12 I hate having mutual friends in a argument.

09.27.12 I hate wasting time.

09.27.12 I hate betrayers.

09.27.12 I hate financial aid.

09.27.12 I hate cliche writing, more the other forms of it in the media.

10.02.12 I hate presidential election year.

10.04.12 I hate October 4th as of midnight.

10.04.12 I hate you and midnight texts.

10.05.12 I hate dreams that feel so real, you want to throw up as soon as you wake up.

10.05.12 I hate that Xanex is not sold over the counter.

01.12.13 I hate running into people when you just wanted to sit silently and drink your coffee.

02.02.13 I hate that my parents let me believe is was a option to "just go to UCLA".

03.19.13 I hate the awkward part of explaining to someone you are in a relationship when they
               already knew.
03.19.13 I hate that fitness it trending right now. #noonegivesashit

03.19.13 I hate people who have to say what hardships they have been through.

07.09.13 I hate it when you know you are going to break up, but still think you have a fighting
07.24.13 I hate moving.

08.03.13 I hate it when good guy friends get girlfriends and slowly but surly disappear.

08.04.13 I hate finding out that your highschool flame is having a baby.

08.10.13 I hate it when you say, "I'm not ready to be in a relationship or anything close to the matter,"
               and it' s ignored.
08.13.13 I hate loving an ex.

08.17.13 I hate not having an RV for burning man.

08.19.13 I hate that sleeping with an ex is never fully out of the question.

08.23.13 I hate when you are in a relationship and you stop making out. End it.

09.01.13 I hate SnapChat.

09.15.13 I hate catching an ex boyfriend having drinks with another girl.

09.20.13 I hate when a guy likes you, who you will never go for makes you actually say, " Sorry
                I just don't feel the same way."
09.21.13 I hate girls who are just waiting for you relationship to fail so they can have sex with your
09.22.13 I hate it when your ex's friends hit on you.

10.31.13 I hate it when last years Halloween costume doesn't fit you.

11.12.13 I hate wind. HATE IT.

11.14.13 I hate it when I am talking on my cellphone while driving and I see a cop and have to put
               the phone in my lap, briefly interrupting my conversation.
11.28.13 I hate when people ask you why you are single. Oh I don't know the idea of dying alone is
               oh so appealing.
12.2.13  I hate the idea of another women petting my dogs.

12.2.13 I hate how much I absolutely love Christmas music and have to listen to every grinch bitch
             about how much they hate it for the next four weeks.
12.2.13 I hate Christmas shopping.

12.2.13 I hate that my mom bought me a sleep dress. No one has ever gotten laid in one of those.
12.7.13 I hate that the option of me ever getting to have sex with Paul Walker has been extinguished
             R.I.P you beautiful bastard.

12.12.13 I hate that I bought a homeless person a Christmas dinner, not out of the goodness of my         heart, but because I thought the checker at Whole Foods was really good looking. And wanted to
        seem really sweet and caring.

1.7.14 I hate looking for signs to make a choice one way or the other. I start convincing myself the
           radio is talking to me.
1.7.14 I hate that I am a adult woman and I am constantly losing all my shit. Expensive shit.

7.16.14 I hate that when I am having a bad day the only thing that makes me feel is better is watching pain rain down on another person.
7.16.14 I hate it when you walk into someones house and their dog immediately shoves its head into
             your vagina.
7.16.14 I hate hearing really awesome things, happening to really shitty people.

7.16.14 I hate when women are rude to you, because the assume the signifigant other is attracted to
             you. I'm not apologizing for partyin'
7.16.14 I hate it when all your friends are pregnant, forcing you to party and hangout with the back
             up friends.
7.16.14 I hate it when you make it through a shitty day with out crying, then you come home see that
             have no emergency cigarettes and just start bawling in the middle of the kitchen.
4.13.15 I hate how much I love my hate journal.

5.3.15 I hate that I have a Pintrest. And I fucking LOVE it.

5.28.15 I hate my ex's girlfriend and seeing happy pictures of them. Day killer.

6.2.15 I hate when you promise yourself this summer is going to be the best beach body you have
           ever had, then realize if June and go buy hair extensions instead.
7.14.15 I hate that my now 25 year old self is starting to react differently to copious amouts of
             alcohol. i.e. crying, wondering where my life is going, more crying....
8.29.15 I hate that I didn't go to Burning Man this year. Not becasue I couldn't, but because I just
             didn't feel like it.

9.17.15 I hate that yesterday I met an published author, who has 3 kids a husband and a full-time job,
             and all I have is a quarter of a novel written in 3 years time.