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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toy's R'Us Kids.

Remember when you were a child, and your parents or favorite grandparent took you to the toy store. You had been thinking about this toy for weeks now, whenever you were sad you would remind yourself that Grandma was coming into town and soon victory would be your, soon that particular toy would be yours. Then the day came, your ran into the store. At first you barely acknowledged the other toys that you flew by in search for what was soon to be your prized procession. Then your turned the corner and there it waited, you then skipped to the register eagerly waiting for the transaction to be complete, to see the little piece of receipt paper that lets you know this was yours and yours alone. Then it happens, much like everything, you stop for a second. As you are walking out of the store there is a small twinge in your stomach as you pass all the other toys...oh  god did I make the right choice? I have even thought about playing with the other toys? Will this toy last me?

Then you grow up. And these are the exact same questions you will ask yourselves. Except now it's not Barbie and Ken's dream house, its you and John Smith's shitty apartment. Instead of being worried about sharing the Ken doll with Suzie, your wondering were the fuck John has been going after work for the past week and a half. However nothing beats when you got home as a kid and opened your special toy and being completely satisfied with your purchase. That kids can still happen, even in adult land occasionally you open the cracker jack box and pull out exactly what you wanted. You'll get the job you wanted or the super hott make out secession you needed after a horrible break up. Sometimes you'll even give into someone without knowing where things could end up. Sometimes you'll leave for the better when your whole body screams to stay.

I have to say though, even through the doubts I sometimes had walking out of the toy store I never went home disappointed. Happiness lies in the ability to make a choice. any choice.