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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


... you just have to be yourself, even if that means your grandmother can't look you in the eyes anymore. Be proud of yourself, when you didn't do your best. Pretend you had an orgasm to feed someones ego. Bite your tongue, when you boss is talking to you about how important it is that you work on Christmas. Say I love you, when you both know you don't mean it. Rage quit a job, even though you have absolutely no money. Apologize, when you think you did nothing wrong. Say a static that you made up on the spot to prove a point. Lie to you boyfriend, about loving trash t.v..

And sometimes you have to tell yourself that you have got it all figured out. Even though you have no clue what is coming next or where your life is headed.

Rule of thumb. If you believe it, they will too.

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