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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is A Not Participation Award...

It takes strange things for for some of us to become motivated. Sometimes they are good, sometimes others need to watch someone fall off their bike to feel better about the current situation. For the most part I can honestly say that I am partial to both. Sometimes I need to see the victories of other comrades, sometimes I need to witness the failure to assure myself I will not let my fate be the same.
With that being said, I have been in a weird place myself. Not sure if anything seems motivating these days. Today is a different day however. Today I want to see the victories of all my fellow soldiers. I want more then ever to be pushed in a direction of challenge. By this I mean I want to go to the Olympics of passions. Each one of us bringing the best of what we possess. I no longer want to see the tired faces of those who have failed before. I want to be among those who want it more then I do. Test me. I am just as curious as you. Let the best man win. Not everyone can have the blue ribbon. And if it is not mine, I am dying to know who can beat me to it.

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