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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Nothing bothers me like a cliche...Brief examples: extremely good looking persons being good at everything, or guys with thick black Ray Ban glasses constantly trying to make everything from reading a book  and drinking coffee, to taking a shit look artistic.

It's like having sex for the first time on prom's stupid.

I am sad to say that movies, books and other sources of social media are all seemingly falling to this silent giant. The pink elephant in the room, the ending everyone knew was coming. It's like watching the Titanic and hoping to be surprised. I am dying to read or watch something new. Something that has nothing to do with Marvel Comics (with of course the exception of Thor). And let's face there is only so many Woody Allen movies you can watch before your like "oh! and everyone ends up alone and disappointed, but reflecting on the greater message that was trying to be conveyed", there is no greater message Woody Allen is as fucked as they come.

I'll admit it. Sometimes I'm even a bit trite. I love a good cry in the tub and having sex in the rain during a lighting storm. But still I can not except that this is were all it all ends. On remakes and sequels and columns used with shitty spin offs. Come fellow artists let's give something to lay new ground work with. I am a patriot of the creative outlet. I'll also admit, I need to be inspired. So let's help each other out, and see where we can get.

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