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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Know What You're Saying

This day in age things are truly strange. You can actually have emotional reactions to things that are posted on the Internet. The same reaction that say you would have if someone wrote you a passionate love letter using say their own blood for ink. A bit melodramatic yes but right! Social networking sites literally run our lives. We check up, catch up, and keep up with those closest and farthest away from us. The new drop by is the like bottom on one of our mindless status updates. But is it that simple, I think not. Though it seems crude and distant it is not, its letting you know "hey, hey you...I'm here don't forget I exist and played a semi-important role in your life." Example if I may...A nice boy you went on a date with the night before, posts a sweet comment referencing your fantastic night before implying that it should happen again. Your ex-boyfriend "likes" this comment. Now call me a realist but I highly doubt that the ex is doing this because he is sincerely happy for you and your potential new fling. No, he is saying hey glad to see your moving on nicely...don't forget about me...hoping your feeling on and so forth. At least in the 90's you had to page someone to call you so he could call you a whore blatantly on the pay-phone outside the mini-mart you two went together.

I don't know if I am a true masochist but I do know that I prefer that passion of honest words made from ones mouth. I want to literally feel your venom. If you hate me, call me, use your voice. Tell me. If you love me, stand outside my house with a shitty boom-box that only plays cassette tapes. Hit me, kick me, kiss me. Do somethings. But the next time I post something about having the most amazing night of my life. If you want me to know that you still exist and know what I up me a favor and set my car on fire. I can respect that.


  1. your /= you're.

    Also, I want a dislike button.

  2. My greatest vice as a hopeful writer. Grammar. Thank you John, for your input.

  3. Obviously this is why you hit my truck, you didn't want me to forget about you, but alas, you won't be able to forget about me because you ended up with the huge dent.