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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"I'll feed you baby bird."

I receive a phone call at 2:23 a.m. last Friday morning. He demands that we hangout immediately. He is intoxicated. I am not. I respectfully decline the offer. A pity, he is extremely good looking. However I have just gotten off work and my bed is tempting me with it usual seduction. I fall for it again.

But before we get off the phone in his inebriated words he mentions my writing.

My interests peaks..."and.." I replied.

"I have read all your pieces, looking for myself or maybe even a small acknowledgment to when we might have been seeing each other, and I am no were to be found."
"No I suppose you weren't written about...does that bother you?"
"Yes, I don't want to read anymore."

This is absolutely fascinating and I love it. It proves my theory that ego's are our driving factor and I will need to "you" (those who read my writing to refer to my piece...Should I not be thankful for...) My theory being that if you are not noted in something that you discard it as a waste of time, basically. This oddly is great for me to hear, he was obviously upset, that's not what pleases me, the feelings that were risen in him is what peaked my interests. It put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. So with that being said I admire your arrogance, I too feel the same way more often then do we all. We just want a little shout out even if its negative, we are all like children with A.D.D. searching for attention...good or bad. It's why girls who are over- weight sleep around or why teenage boys get tattoos they will regret before they are twenty-five. We are attentions whores. And I love it.

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