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Monday, June 27, 2011

It's All Hard.

Writing. Life. Love. Fitness. Sex. Drugs. Rock n 'Roll.

Writing because it's all you have sometimes, sure it can be influenced by other things, giving you something to work off of, however for the most part it is raw. When you write it is literally yourself vs. yourself, trying at maximum effort to pull ideas that could possibly go anywhere from your brain.  Life because finding that sense of security is the driving force in all the small actions we as humans beings do, and the rug is constantly being pulled out from underneath us. Love, because it requires the trust, the trust, that requires that stupid ass rug, the same rug, that with its flawless timing is ripped out from under you. Fitness, because you need the sexy body to find the love that requires the trust, that requires the fucking rug. And exercise makes eating bullets look fun. Sex, because you have to maintain the fitness to "make the love" both physically and emotionally I myself would assume. Drugs, because they are to expensive to really be enjoyed when it's appropriate. And rock n' roll, because it starts the cycle of writing about life and the things in it, like love, sex, rugs and drugs.

Happy Monday.

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