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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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        "You'll never do better." She thought as she stood at the sink washing the dishes with a calm circular motion rinsing the grease off of the pans from this mornings breakfast. The breakfast she had made for him, was his favorite. Eggs with bacon.
         It was Saturday morning, but this meant no difference to her husband, he was up with the sun, getting dressed and making use of himself.  He ate her breakfast, kissed her on the cheek patted her butt with a affectionate hand. He was a man of average build and was handsome. Charming to a fault.
       She was a pretty women, people would agree. She had a certain edge about her, witty and observant. However she was kind to most, regardless of the end rells of what she wanted to say that played endlessly inside her head.
        They complemented each other nicely, they were happy. For the most part. From 10:00 p.m when they went to bed, till 9:30 a.m. when he was finished with the breakfast she had made him, he was her husband. Hers alone. Their conversations where vibrant and compelling. The sex was still good. And he still made her smile when he kissed her and left for the day. But when he walked out the door, he wasn't hers anymore. She knew it, he knew. Was that why everything had stayed to pleasant for all this time?
    Most women would have been outraged with what she knew. Most women would leave. But she couldn't find a real reason to. He provided for her, loved her, and came home to her every night.
     For it wasn't out of fear of being alone or with out. She was a smart women, she would make it. But she couldn't bare the thought of leaving him with nothing. He would never find another women like her again.

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