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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fight Like A Girl.

Sometimes you just want to get through to someone. You need to know that they have full comprehension of your feelings as an individual. I know I am a lady, but the only thing that comes to my mind when I feel that someone needs to truly understand where I am coming from is to hit them right in the face. I feel extremely confident that a very direct message is sent when you strike someone right in the mouth. In all honestly I fancy myself a very level headed person. However once I feel the line has been crossed to the point where strong social cues are not being acknowledged and words from ones mouth might as well be spoken to a brick wall, action is necessary. This is not everyone's cup of tea however, in fact I actually know people would rather be harmed in a physical manner then harm another person. Its funny, however I believe it is a breed of person. I'm aggressive. I like hard things. I make things hard. Sometimes it is embedded in you from the time you were born, other times you are are the black sheep. You will stand alone in you headstrong perspective of the world and what you deem is wrong or right. I like to believe I  have a strong sense of justice. That's the thing that has me itching tonight though. In my world, things are for the most part black and white. For instance, you don't kill people, you are nice to dogs and you don't sleep with someone's husband. Other people do not have this look on the world. It's kind of like ....I didn't me to kill that guy.... the dog doesn't need to come inside when it's freezing...well she doesn't love him like I do. All of these type of people need to be hit repeatedly. Physical pain. All of them. Lots of it. You can't talk someone out of how they view the world. You can't. On the bright side though, you can remind someone how you feel about their perspective with a swift kick in the ass. It's amazing how some will respond to you when physicality comes into the mix. I hate it when things get that point. I really do however, this is how I am wired. It's what I know. If someone won't listen. Make'em.

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