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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Money Talks.

The sexiest thing a man can do, is foot the bill.

 I am not talking about the guy at the club you hustle for a couple drinks, he is a douche bag and ladies you are all blood- sucking she devils for participating in such behavior.
I am talking about the real deal. A nice meal with good wine or whiskey, that says, "hi, you are worth my time, energy and money." When you guys are just walking the mall and he picks you up something you have been drooling over for months. That is sexy. It's truly not about the money, but what its saying. It's saying, " Thank you, you are appreciated, you are valued." Women who state that they don't need help from a man or anybody, are awesome don't me wrong. And I think it goes without saying that men do not want to live off of their girlfriends/wives/ roommates or anyone for that matter. So when a guy goes out of his way to give a little extra in the direction of someone who is already self-sufficient, it feels even more amazing. There is no guilt, no feelings of obligation. Just a mutual understanding that you want to give to this person, just because.

This goes for ladies too. If you know that he wants the new Call of Duty: Everybody Must Die, go ahead and splurge a little.  However, if you are going to be participating in this please do it right. If you are going to be forking out cash for your man, do it for HIM! This does not mean you buy a trip for two at a creepy bed & breakfast you think is "too cute", were you guys sit and talk about your feelings all weekend. Why you would want to do that in the first place is beyond me.

To be honest there are a couple things that got me going on this thought path. 1.) Guys complaining about how there are no good women and how terrible relationships are. 2.) How a broken person like me, has found a little ray of sunshine. And I would like others to feel it too.

Guys there are good girls out there, you just have look. Hard. Really hard. Really, really hard. And when you see some potentional in one, don't wait to act. Treat them as if they could be that diamond in the rough. Buy dinner, pick some fucking flowers, paint a picture. Do whatever it takes to let them know that you think they are a person worth spending time and money on. In return, blowjobs. I mean a really nice gal. And even the possiblity to stop being that guy who gets hustled for drinks at the bar every Friday night.

Food for thought. Think about it.

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