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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today I woke up wearing nothing but thigh high stockings and a smile. The perfect start to a day if  you were to ask me. As soon as I finally convinced myself to get out of the warmth of my bed, I made my way over to the bathroom. I looked and the mirror saw my hair a mess, the faint traces of make-up from the night before and the bands of the stocking pinching just lightly slightly above my knee. And I have to be honest, I felt like a sex kitten.
        That little moment made me realize for some reason that I haven't seen a real pretty woman in a long time. Don't get me wrong I am not saying waking up looking like a call girl is the end all on being a lady, but the idea of waking up in stocking and still having perfume on from the night before is sexy to me. It's being a lady. I look around me and it is more then apparent that some women give two shits about what they look like. Have you ever been to the DMV and seen women in there looking like death warmed over? I have. And the only thing I would like to tell women like that is stop this madness. i look at some women who have gone out the night before and for some reason sticking a bun on top of your head and not washing your make up off is a suitable way of showing up to work. I think not, I wouldn't go to the mail box looking like that, let alone my place of work. The more time I spend on social networking sites the more time I spend reading what assholes men are and seeing pictures of girl on toilets (not an exaggeration).
       If you want to be treated like a lady, then I suggest you act like one. For instance lets try not being wheeled out of the casinos, puking in every bar bathroom we go into, and if we have breasts bigger then DD lets try not wearing a strapless dress. All lite suggestions. If you want your boyfriend to make you feel beautiful, why don't you get your ass out of his sweatpants, put something sexy on, stop bitching about your weight and give him a massage. It's pretty simple. And if you want a life partner in general keep it together ladies. Everyone of us has something to offer from beauty to intelligence to creativity. But it is hard to see that, when you think that yoga pants and Ugg boots qualify as a entire seasons outfit choices.
     Talking to a friend of mine that I admire as the true lady she is, says she can spot a real lady by her toes. If everything else in her appearance is pristine, but when you look down through her peep toe wedges and see the clipped and gnarled truth within in them, she deems you a poser. Of a lady that it. Now some of the women who read this are going to be disgruntled, annoyed and even a little hurt. And I have only one thing to say to them, try harder. 

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