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Friday, March 9, 2012

OMG! What's your gamer tag? Blah.

Truth. I have never seen the original Star Wars. And to many peoples dismay those close to me and those not so close to me, I have never really had any real interest in seeing these pop culture films. It could be because growing up, I was busy being obsessed with my own fantasy world that was filled with mermaids, rocket ships, Atlantis and Hogwarts. I think the reason I have actually taken a stand now to avoid this pop culture bullshit is because I find it a total cop out. People for instance use iconic movies  for a great conversation starter to show each other how well versed they are in these things that they could have in common. When I here a girl telling a guy how in love with Halo she is, I can't help but role my eyes and hope that all the gamer lingo she looked up on Google doesn't run out before she has a chance to take him home and trap him with her voodoo vagina.
It's bullshit. Girl's have been taking the same avenue to get attention for decades. My personal favorite is one that involves physical activity. Such as running, hiking, climbing, snowboarding...and sure enough when it comes time to preform we fall short of set expectation. I guess all I am really trying to get across is have a little faith in your ability as a person to meet people with different interests and see who comes to you. You are interesting, the strange sideshow of thoughts that run though your head are probably worth hearing. So if you could stop talking about how you have always wanted to dress up like slave Leia, and have an actual conversation about things that could be mutually interesting. I can only assume people could get so much farther in communication and thus finding what they are ultimately looking for...someone to relate to. For the record my boyfriend/living partner is obsessed with Star Wars and has threatened to leave me on several occasions for having not witnessed that awesomeness that is needs to bestow upon me.  And on the same note we are still together. Find other things to talk about, it feels a lot better when you aren't pretending to be interested.

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