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Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's not that I'm a jealous man...

Jealously and envy are meant for those who are weak minded. 
It's for those who feel the need to live in fear of loosing everything.
Even the things they don't posses. Those who are jealous and envious of other have no room in their heads 
for great achievement because it's already filled with the possibility of failure.
Just the idea of loosing something is to great a risk to even try. You sabatouge yourselves. 
in return you envy of anyone else's happiness, always. You're brave enough to at least try and break them down, if you can't have goodness neither should anyone else, right? 
Grow up. Try seeing things in a different light. Find the courage to do the right things not only for yourself, but for another benefit as well. Grow some security, find something about yourself love and you'll find someone to love it too. 
Jealousy is a feeling the wastes precious time. It's a feeling for the weak, and envy is a feeling for the lazy. Be done with these, find the stronger version of yourself and be that. 

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