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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adult Time Out.

At what point is it not okay to hit someone? We grow up and throughout grade school we are all reprimanded constantly for hitting, kicking, pinching other kids. However mostly it is excepted behavior. Physical reaction as a child is really the only thing that lets other kids or people even know, that I either don't like what you are doing physically or emotionally to me.
So when you were a kid and someone told you, you were a butthead, you punched them in the face and they knew at that moment that you indeed did not like being called a butthead.
Now as large kids with bills and significant others, you can't just go around punching people in the face every time you get called an asshole.
My question is I guess...why the fuck not?

I suppose it could be due to all the big kid trouble you could get into or the fact that majority of us can't show up to work with a black eye. Sure, I get that. Maybe it is just my confrontational nature or my unaddressed anger problem...who knows. But I truly think if you were aloud to kick someone in the face, every time they were a huge bitch, people would truly reconsider about 95 percent of the words they say and about 98 percent of the dick moves they were about to make.

Just a thought.

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