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Monday, December 2, 2013

How Do You Do It?

The trickiest part to any relationship is balance. Sometimes I truly believe that, people collectively are addicted to pain. I say this because men and women have been to trying to make relationships work since the dawn of time. Both of us being such complex creatures it seems odd to me that we have tried to make monogamous relationships work for all of these years. Its funny that we both process such different mindsets, yet we still seek each other out. We are seeking one mate, one person who "get's us'.
      This is were the balance comes in. Men get angry, nervous or scared and desire space and time to process, women on the other hand feel these same emotions and want to be reassured and paid special attention to. With that being said, (and it is general for the most part) how are we supposed to find the perfect balance when we want different things? This is were trust and patience come in. Nothing makes we want to beat my head against a wall like someone telling me to be patient. But in my best and worst experiences in a relationship, the key to balance is sacrifice.
    Sacrifice. Ugh the word even sounds harsh. But its how to make everyone happy. I have been in a handful of relationships and they have all ended due to this little word and the actions it brings about. Without sacrifice there can be no balance and with no balance can there come a happy coinciding life with a partner. If each person does not feel fulfilled, there is no chance.
    So when people ask me how I meet all these people or why dating is so fun, I will simply have to tell them, because its not all the time. If he wants to go fishing, go fishing. And if you hate it, fake it. Its called compromise. Finding balance ,is a lot harder then creating balance. If you are looking for a partner who just possess all of the amazing qualities you are looking for you will be disappointed. People are constantly changing. Which is why divorce rates are at 50% and the laser tattoo removal business is booming.
      To me it all ties together like this....patience for one another. Patience for me is a sacrifice, a sacrifice of not being immediately gratified. Making a sacrifice to make the one I am with feel fulfilled and understood creates the balance for a healthy relationship. Therefore leading to good sex and then everyone is happy. But really.

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