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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do You Think They'll Make It?

         Support is key. When people in this world feel supported, even if it's just by one person we can do great things. Whether it's your husband/wife, best friend, child, co-workers or even just someone yelling on the sidelines of some sporting event, support for our simple minds is enough to push us to finish some of our own personal toughest endeavors. I bring this up in the opposite way today. The new year is typically about what you can do better, but I say look outward at what is facing you. There is a time when you have to look around your arena and asks what am I cheering for? And by this I mean, what are you pouring your heart and soul into that is giving just as much back to you as you are putting in.
      I think about this in a very surreal state. It's hard to let things go, especially when you have put so much time and effort into trying to make it work. It's like the old college car that got you from point A to point B. You put up with it because it's what you believe your only option is at that time. Then you struggle through your first year at your new job with it, until one day you realize point A to point B isn't good enough anymore. Heated seats and a nice sound system are now necessities for your life, and as it turns out you now possess an income that can provide these things for you.
     As I look out onto the new year, I realize that I have been putting effort, time and mind power into some very questionable places. And I cant help but wonder have I been cheering in a empty stadium?
More or less what I am saying, is when you are in you element, who are the people really standing at your sidelines and who are those who are constantly missing the game?

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