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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Question of The Hour.

      Some of us are about at the age now, I would say between 21 and 30, were we are start to understand what it is we really want. We have grown up and learned about the world, we have learned that its not fair and that not everyone will get a blue ribbon past the age of 16. We have learned about love and the fact that its not always easy, but having someone your corner though out this life is far better, then being forever alone and closed off. Not saying that being alone and happy isn't liberating in its own right, I truly believe the only way to be happy with someone is to first be happy with what you are bringing to the table to begin with.

    So the question of the hour is what do we do with all this knowledge we have acquired during these 25-30 years we have lived? I have been coming across these people in my life that are my peers, and they have no idea what the next step is. We look at social media for guidance these days, example"...Chelsey and I started dating our boyfriends at the exact same and now she is engaged and has an entire board full of boho wedding chic ideas, and I'm over just looking up funny memes, about how I'll try cure everything with coconut oil...".  Why in the fuck does it matter?????
     Our parents were forced into a social norm of getting married young(er) and having kids and fitting the good fight, with weed hidden in the garage or maybe some nasty drinking problems. But at least they were facing things head on. In this generation, things are being based off of what other people are perceiving of you. We cannot know what we want, when the only thing we are thinking about is how cool things are that other people have and all cool shit that they are doing.

   Even in our relationships we are constantly comparing ourselves with other people. Instead of using the knowledge that we have gained over the years of actually living. I guess my real question too is, when do we really know who we are and what we want? When does this ultimate knowing of the things that will make us truly happy in life, start to dictate our actions and thoughts. Verses the life of constant comparing and waiting for things to fall in our lap, because that worked out so well for so and so. When will we reach a point with other people, where we can look at them without fear or shame and tell them exactly what it is we expect and need from them to make us feel whole. The experiences we go through in life are all lessons for us to be able to extract tools from to build the future we truly want. Experiences, not fucking Facebook pictures of others peoples awesome lives, but real life experiences. So now knowing this, the question still stands, what do you want, what are your values and beliefs that build the foundation of who you are and when we will be able to make better choices based on what we already know from the past?

I know heavy shit, going up on a Tuesday?


  1. Nice entry! I think personally what I want changes on a daily/monthly/annual basis. Sometimes when we get what we think we want, we realize how limited our goals really were.

    1. I love that "when we get what we think we want, we realize how limited our goals really were." I couldn't have said it better myself!

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