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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's Blog It Out. 2015.

This year has been the worst year of writing for me yet. Which is upsetting due to the fact that my passion in life is writing. Coupled with drinking coffee in bed until the late afternoon. I am a beacon of health my friends.

Lets jump right into it. I am a twenty five year old woman who loves mermaids, wine and luxury vacations. Who doesn't right! Well I also am not a millionaires sugar baby, I know, I know you are probably sad that I wont be posting obnoxiously grand photos of my perfect body, on a hidden beach somewhere wonderful in the world, boating on a yacht, drinking "de-tox" tea, and writing posts with the titles " 10 REASONS WHY HE THINKS YOUR IDIOT FOR BLAMING EVERY SHITTY THING YOU DO ON YOUR ZODIAC SIGN." But I feel like if you have any ounce of soul left in you, then we might be able to find some things in real life to relate on.

I have lately been thinking about my target demographic...which I suppose consists on the ladies and gents who are in there 20-30 somethings who are or are not spending their nights on Instagram or Pintrest staring at bodies they don't have or wedding venues they can't afford. Guys go though it too, they see boats, homes and careers they don't have and do equal amounts of self shaming. On the topic of self hatred ladies, I promise you waist training is NOT science. Look it up. However, to make sure we stay on the the same playing field I will ensure you, I have one and I fucking LOVE it. Yeah, I said it. It's awesome, I'm like a blonde hybrid of Kim K and Kate Upton, when I put that bitch on. Or at least that's what I think.

I also don't have much to say in the avenue of child bearing or up bringing. I have no opinion yet on the matters of, "To whip the tit out, or to not whip the tit out in public," the never ending debate that floods my social media accounts. And when the time comes for me, I am sure, I will understand that the struggle is indeed, oh so real.

I'm also a little to old to really understand the movement of taking a hundred pictures of myself on my cell phone and then looking up a quote that I believe matches the demeanor of my facial expressions, then finding that perfect filter that is just going to really let everyone know the real state of mind I'm in...or just convince my ex that I am having a fucking blast without them. Who knows?
I'm also in not quite in the place, where I can label pictures with things like, #squad, #bae or a number of the other things people label their group of friends that are "better then yours".

So I guess now what  I am looking for from my audience, is help for the first time. What does my generation what to read about? What do you want to talk about? I write about real things, that people think and feel, when they aren't only trying to focus on finding the WiFi password. For example, I woke up the other day at noon and immediately wrote in my journal in bold letters, "LIFE GOALS, WAKE UP WHENEVER THE FUCK I WANT TO." You get what I am saying? Lets blog it out. I love all of you. Tell me things.

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  1. If you write about anything, people will read it. You have a talent. Lets start w a fresh one.... INCOME in general is relatable.... but "performance based income" type of income is only relatable for those who have been in those trenches. Waters all around, can I have this but I wanna modify EVERYTHING on it, can we split the bill 5 1/2 ways... oh and here is ur $3 tip. Ok now, go write. :)