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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boot Camp for the Mind

Started with a wonderful morning. Nothing says potential relationship like " Alright go ahead and let me take you body fat measurement and the hop up on the scale." As the number on the scale rose, I could feel the chances with the gorgeous personal trainer descending more and more rapidly. Say that I was in amazing shape, still nothing says confidence like a Beach Body Boot Camp right? False. Boot camp as it turns out is just letting the rest of the world become aware of the fact that you need to be better. Better at everything, physically and socially. So hence forth boot camp for the mind is when you have to decide to not only become better physically but also mentally. You must set your mind forth on the journey of being in "good-shape", so to speak. You need to be able to "trim the fat" and "tone muscle". For example, stop sleeping with you ex-boyfriend who cheated on you. Its like waking up in the middle of the night and eating half the chocolate your roommate made for her Mom's birthday. Stop being that asshole. Now obviously the number on the scale has nothing to do with the personal trainer liking you, who knows maybe he likes them a little on the husky side. But it does have to with you liking you, and this is where it turns out the mind boot camp must come before body. Everyone has been through the "misery diet" where you loose all those extra lbs, that you carried around for whatever reason that held them to you. But you loose them in the most hateful way that it feels like the first time you smile since you have been on the diet you instantly gain 5 pounds back. The idea of getting into peak physical shape has turned into the mind opening experince of figuring out why we give a shit in the first place. Its for others, period. "Nothing will get a women into better shape the divorce," this a quote from my father. I have found more truth in this then science. We have a motive, we all have a plan. The human mind is still more fascinating the actions that come from the fore thought. So for the next eight weeks I hope for my own sake that I can get "shredded" and see clear the motives that drive me. For my fellow boot campees the motives seem all to clear.

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