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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Blog It Out

Let's start by talking about proper conversation etiquette. For instance if you happen to be chatting with someone and you say a name to them, any name a mutual friend, love interest etc. and they immediately repeat the name after you have just said it, I am going to pretty much grantee that 9 times out of 10 there will be a negative connotation to come after that name momentarily. Which if you don't already know this, let me tell you now, feelings of disappointment and foolishness are to come as well. This sucks for the convo partner that was just getting ready to tell you that a guy/gal that she/he had a couple drinks with last night after a previously super awkward hangout, had a surprisingly come to a break through about their seemingly potential relationship. So question of the hour, should you be "that guy" and repeat the name right after someone has said it to make sure that thy know at once what a douche they are dealing with? Or should you mind new conversational etiquette and not only give someone the benefit of the doubt, but also mind your own damn business. Because you know that you really don't give a shit about the name you just repeated, but you do feel important for having something derogatory about this person.
With that being said, my favorite quote of the day or maybe I should say my favorite para phase of the day..."Oh that guy....two words, Man Whore. Total waste of time. Think he has an STD. Been with at least 10 of my friends. And he is in love with this girl that is perfect. But good luck! I gotta go back in, but have a good day I'll see you in there."
This just happens to support my theory that life is about two things, timing and tones.

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