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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Safe Sex

After the age of 20 it seems important to entertain the idea of "safe sex". The idea of wearing condoms and being honest with your partner about were your whereabouts have been before said person is a very nice and responsible idea. Protecting yourself physically is key.
However this is not what troubles me, the physicality of the act. We at this day in age can actually end a growing fetus inside the womb of a women if we so choose. We can take a small pill and live out the rest of our lives with little or no notice to the fact that we are carrying around a sexually transmitted disease. It's the idea that no matter how much control we have over the physical consequences of sex, we still can't master the seemingly simple balance of the emotional after effects of this action. This hurts me. Not even for myself, but for everyone else who thinks they either do have control over their emotional reactions or have just given up all together.
A good friend of mine and I were talking and discussing things about the idea of sleeping with someone new. She said, " I do not want sex to be my token." I completely understood, and for all to many of us sex is the golden ticket. Women find that if they give it away like the next gift with purchase they are going to be enjoying attention that however may be short lived is none the less able to be enjoyed. This is not protecting yourself, each time your body is given away, you are either letting a piece go or taking a piece of someone else. I'm no angel. This does not go with out saying that I myself have experienced my fair share of rodeos. But I long for the idea of the passion of waiting, to protect what is mine and mine only to give. It is still beautiful, making love is still just that. Share with your partner all the things you can not find in words. Men too. Stop tossing yourself out there. Let me get to know you, your likes, dislikes. Maybe we share a few. Sex will always be a option, the chance to meet someone who makes you feel alive again, far and few between.

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