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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Diet Coke

There is almost nothing better then an ice cold Coca-Cola. I try and imagine a world where I enjoy anything as much as I enjoy drinking a fountain Coke on ice. It's hard for me though. I have been finding in efforts to keep my ass at a decent size that diet Coke is a reasonable alternative for a soda lover , but there is still that "something" missing. However, diet Coke I don't want you to blame yourself. It is inevitability in my head, always has been. I can settle for nothing but the best.

This puts a damper on most of my relationships, life choices and material positions, not just my beverage choices. I can not help but taste the clear difference in quality as I compare things to the way they once were or could be. There are the rare occasions that I am enjoying the crisp and refreshing sensation of moments, but they are only to be meet to with the overwhelming urge to hoard because the experience could be taken away at any moment and the realization that these feelings come few and far between sets in. Shitty for lack of a more compelling or articulate way of portraying feelings. However I have a secret, sometimes, just sometimes...I truly enjoy a diet coke. For exactly what it is. A void filler. Fuck me right.

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