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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Obvious.

I hate the word Obvious. It's a bad word. The only reason this word was brought into a human vocabulary was to make you feel like a fool. When someone tells me something is obvious they might as well be telling me to go fuck myself. The reason being, is when a person is struggling the answers aren't always so black and white. The Answer is not always "obvious" to us. If it was (and this is giving a lot people the benefit of the doubt) we would do it. The majority of humanity no matter how cynical would plug in the proper solution and fix the problem. This is just simple mathematics. But it is not that simple, the different emotions constantly pulling our mind and souls in different directions, showing us what certain decisions would do to the outcomes of situations doesn't make any one choice an obvious one. There is a grace period of weighing our options and looking at the risks that we are susceptible to.

With that being said, think it out. Do not feel guilty that you don't know what to do, regardless of how many people in your life are so quick to tell you the "obvious" path to which you should take. Be not afraid to make the wrong choice. You did it for your own personal reasons, whatever they might me wrong or right. We are people, in this crazy life together all trying to reach some particular goal. And sometimes are goal is not even "obvious" to ourselves. So I encourage you all to that the time, weigh the pros and cons, maybe even get your feet wet in all the different avenues that life choices might take you down. And never let a silly word such as obvious, stop you from feeling like you might want to do something else. Because the word is obsolete, it's not real. Make you life one that not one person could say they saw coming. You'll get where your trying to go. I promise. Whatever it takes.

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